7 Fashion Tips For Creating Your Own Dark Academia Look

7 Fashion Tips For Creating Your Own Dark Academia Look

When it comes to fall and winter fashion, the Dark Academia motif has swiftly become one of the most fashionable. Check out these pieces if you want to add some pieces that fit this aesthetic.

1. Jersey Jacket in Plaid

A blazer or jersey jacket is, of course, an absolute must if you want to embrace the dark academia style. Plaids in dark neutral colors have recently become the most popular variety. Layering is one of the most critical elements in successfully emitting dark academic vibes, and these styles of apparel are perfect for layering. A coat like this is an excellent staple to have no matter what type of clothing style you choose, especially if you plan on entering the workforce. Over a solid-colored sweater, ideally beige or black, and combined with a beautiful trousers or a skirt, this would look fantastic. A plaid coat is such an easy way to suddenly make an outfit look more classy and put together when all you did was throw on a patterned coat that day!

2. Loafers in Black

Shop for best Dark Academia Clothes at Darkacademia.shop because it is all about putting fundamental basics together in a neutral color palette. The shoes you select to wear can help to define an ensemble and, more importantly, a fashion aesthetic. Boots are trendy, but black loafers with a little heel are a great alternative that is a little more unique and vintage-inspired. This particular pair, from the brand Vagabond Shoemakers, is available for purchase at Urban Outfitters. These are known as the Kenova Loafer and cost $130.00. These shoes are extremely classic because of their style and black leather, and they can be worn with nearly any outfit. These loafers look wonderful with a pair of white tube-like socks, as shown in the photo, but they would also look great with tights or ruffled socks. The little heel provides you a little extra height, but it’s still short enough at 1.5′′ to make these shoes comfortable to wear all day.

3. Turtleneck in Beige

Turtlenecks are also great layering pieces that would look great with a jacket like the H&M checkered jacket mentioned earlier in this list. These have been popular for decades due to their ease of styling and the fact that they keep you extra toasty on a chilly day. It’s from Forever 21, and it comes in beige, white, gray, and black, and it’s only $9.99! The ruffled sleeves provide a touch of interest to this otherwise simple design, and the loose collar makes it incredibly comfy and functional.

4. Button-down Shirt, Oversized

Next, we have a white button-down shirt, which is another traditional piece of apparel that everyone should have in their collection. I prefer an oversized fit because it looks good half-tucked into a pair of jeans or pants, but a thinner fit would also look good. This one is from one of Target’s popular brands, Universal Thread, and can be found on their website. Because the products from this company are of such high quality, they will undoubtedly last you a long time.

5. Trousers with a high waistline

When it comes to tucking essential tees into trousers, these Free People high-waisted ones are ideal. The fit of these trousers is quite flattering, as they cinch in at the waist, giving you a good shape, and the neutral khaki color allows them to be worn with a variety of outfits. These are more of an investment piece at $98.00, but the amount of comfort and style you receive from the tightened waist and tapered legs makes them well worth the money.

6. Oversized Cozy Cardigan

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy a good snuggly knit in the fall and winter. Going full dark academic nearly demands one, but these pieces are so adaptable that they may be worn with any style of clothes. You may get one that is more fitting if you like, but I prefer the bigger style because it is more comfortable and makes the outfit appear more relaxed. I’d suggest keeping to neutral hues, such as button-down shirts and trousers, so you can mix and match with other items in your wardrobe.

7. Skirt in Plaid

Finally, because dark academia and plaid go hand in hand, we have another plaid piece. Getting a checkered skirt to match with simple tops and outerwear is a fun and playful approach to rock this style trend. This incredibly gorgeous black multi-colored checkered skirt retails for only $19.99 at Forever 21, which is a terrific location to acquire trendy products like this because of how reasonable the clothing is. Forever 21 provides a wide variety of colors and designs of plaid skirts to select from, so you may mix and match depending on your color and length preferences. This one also has a chain around the waist, which gives it a bit of edge and interest.