Festools TS 55 EQ BROTHER Festool TS 55 REQ

Festools TS 55 EQ BROTHER Festool TS 55 REQ

This version can be an upgrade to the popular Festool TS 55 EQ. We had an opportunity to examine drive that outside on endeavors and job sites. This review is primarily based mostly on enter and my thoughts in Brad Staggs along with Assistant Editors Rob Robillard.

Before we enter to the nuts and bolts of this TS 55 REQ, take a look at best saw guides which highlight the characteristics and advantages of new saws.


I have been using track saws for a number of years and find myself turning into them often since they feature near flawless accuracy. In reality, I have confidence in a cut working with this course saw in relation to my 4000 table saw. As the saw material and guide will not move throughout the cut. With a table saw that you grasp the bit and nourish it through the saw, even there isn’t any warranty which you will contain the timber from the fence.

Want to cut some sheet of cabinet ? Maybe not Just a problem with this Festool Track Saw. This tool is going to do the cuts which are completed using a circular saw or table saw at a way.

I am able to create panel saw accuracy cuts . Its super and light weight mobile and will be implemented to items such as bookcases, decks and floors. Even the TS 55 does matters circular and table saws does several matters that they are able to, also can not, but quicker and more safely.

I Must concur with Rob’s announcement. The capacity saw precision onto the job site isn’t a item that was brand new. The capacity saw precision out of a tool that mobile is just another thing. That is particularly true once you consider situations at which you are working two stories above grade level or inside an area that isn’t readily accessible by way of a big, heavy table saw onto a cellular base. As you handle the trail from another side, the TS 55 REQ may be performed in 1 hand.

Quality can be an attribute I have come to count on from the Festool line up. Their tools are consistently constructed finish and fit, resulting in easy to control power tools. I inquired Brad Staggs (contributing editor) that which he thought about this caliber with the new trail saw.

Additionally, I concur with Brad. Festool has planned every component with the tool. The storage container Comprises a photo showing the way to package the exact tool. The user manual is not written but it has diagrams which actually depict this tool!


A number appear to be small in character nevertheless lead in benefits over your contest. A number of the features I found very sophisticated will be the splinter shield, transparent viewing window, the more FastFix blade switching system, and also tiny features just such as the Limit Stop for its track. Festool has responded to the needs of course saw users.

One slight advancement I would really like to imply to Festool is determining a solution to earn the splinter shield translucent (transparent ) just such as the window. I love using the splinter protector set up to guarantee the smoothest possible cut borders, yet I find myself enjoying the capacity to watch through the window at the border of this cut. Something small which can be ideal for the future edition!


With power tools which are this mobile it’s vitally important that they provide you a dust set quality that is exceptionally powerful. Preparing a trail saw up at a home necessitates dust set so that dust will not get all around your home. That the t s 55 REQ shines in this section.

First I really like the swivel dust vent. Track saws are amazing however I find myself fighting. Together with the aerodynamic port it more easy to continue to maintain the hose.

If the screening window along with the splinter protector come in place, the TS 55 REQ does a really decent job collecting dust if attached with a suitable vacuum machine. Festool asserts more than 90 percent set plus similar outcomes were found by me. Additionally they supply you another attachment (cover plate) which lets you further close the blade off casing to boost dust set much farther.

You might also purchase the trail saw in a combo package with their dust set sprays and also save your self a bit of cash versus buying them separately.

Though a few track saws provide you a bigger engine, the Festool 10 amp motor provides plenty of power to get a saw in this way.

The builtin electronic equipment to the engine (Multiple Material Control -MMC) lets the rate of this saw to become corrected from 2000 into 5,200 rpm. That is essential since it allows a great deal more precise cuts from a vast selection of substances from timber and soft metals such as aluminum. The electronics additionally be certain the motor stays a continuing blade speed under load which leads to much smoother cuts.


Still another motive that the Festool TS 55 REQ are on very top of the set of course saws could be the high caliber and amount of accessories which are supplied to this particular saw. Whenever you purchase a Festool track saw you are purchasing a tool that is part of a system. They provide various monitors, a miter gauge, various knobs, concurrent guide expansion kit, and a table which carries the trail saw into the subsequent level. Accessories can be checked out by you.


It includes nearby line cuts within a platform. It is the an ideal saw for woodworkers and re modelers seeking to increase their grade using a tool which provides an infinite number of uses.

When I had one slight criticism it may be the thickness of cut. Both the Makita and DEWALT offer cut depths. But the fact is that it is not frequently than that I cut stuff thicker than 1-1/2″ and should you want a heftier cut that they really do promote the bigger TS 75. That can be a issue and perhaps never just enough enough to alter my mind about it tool.

Coming in at $585 for its simple kit it sounds somewhat pricey. It’s perhaps not more compared to the DEWALT also it includes accessories and more features. The standard and accuracy make it once the level of work is dependent upon cutting edge.

The product’s caliber, accuracy, and versatility makes it an absolute must get for carpenters which expect the best. In the event you really don’t have a trail saw or you are seeking to have your skill into a point, then I strongly suggest this trail saw.