Great Advantages Of Having A Elevator

Great Advantages Of Having A Elevator

Homeowners typically invest in a home elevator when either a family member finds it too difficult to utilize the stairs or when they are making preparations for the future so they can age in place. After installing one of our house elevators, our customers frequently tell us at Stiltz Home Elevators that their new addition has numerous unexpected uses and hidden advantages that have made their everyday lives easier and more convenient. We examine five of the most prevalent unanticipated benefits of owning an elevator.

Simpler trips within the house

We don’t typically think about how having a single staircase in the house as the only way to get from one floor to another causes a bottleneck in a busy family home. Customers claim that having a home elevator gives them more options for getting around the house, which results in the more effective use of their time and energy. There will be less commotion and disturbance when the household is summoned for dinner thanks to the increased accessibility between floors.

Making heavy lifting simple

Homeowners frequently are unaware of how much heavy lifting with safe lift parts is taken for granted around the house until they have a domestic elevator to take the burden. There is always a chance of injury or property damage when moving large and heavy goods around, whether it be as simple as taking the vacuum machine upstairs, bringing shopping bags into a townhouse, or dragging packed suitcases down the stairs. Moving objects about is easy with a house elevator, and since a Stiltz elevator can support up to between 375 and 500 pounds, there is practically nothing it cannot assist with.

The rage in town

The elegance and style of a Stiltz home lift often astounds those buying a home elevator only for the practical reasons of ease of use and safety. Customers have expressed amazement at how much their new addition has pleased their guests, and how friends have inquired about riding the elevator personally and seeing it in operation. Many people even claim that it has given them a brand-new topic of conversation to share with friends and family.

Future devoid of anxiety

Customers who future-proof their houses so they can happily age in place make up a large portion of the Stiltz clientele. However, even among people who are making preparations and changes for the future, it still seems astonishing how much of a relief it is to not have to worry about how their mobility will change as they age. It relieves a lot of stress to know that the house is already modified and can assist them regardless of their future access requirements. Additionally, Stiltz wheelchair elevators are provided.


Most people who construct a home elevator are doing so for their personal needs or the needs of a family member. Hosting some house guests can be made much easier by a home elevator, which is a pleasant surprise. When visiting parents or grandparents who are elderly or have impairments, they can have simple access to the upstairs. A lift also makes life simpler for visitors with young children, for whom climbing stairs might be dangerous.

Providing assistance and safety for the entire family

Much more dangerous than we typically realize, stairs. Millions of people suffer severe injuries or even pass away every year as a result of falls or incidents involving stairs.

If you or someone living in your home has limited mobility owing to different circumstances including age or health concerns, or if you have young children or other household members, a home elevator is quite advantageous and helpful.

Aside from accidents, elevators can increase the security of your house by limiting access to particular regions. For a content family, installing a home elevator is always a safe alternative to stairs. Four-legged pets can also benefit from the home elevator because as they become older, even they find it difficult to climb steps.

Boosts the value of properties

You can live comfortably and conveniently in your own home if you install an elevator. The beauty is that it raises the value of your property as well, so if you ever decide to sell it, the price will go up as well.

Many appealing elements that are included with home elevators can be easily marketed as advantages to virtually any or all potential buyers. Additionally, it means that more people who might otherwise be turned off by the stairs or accessibility concerns will find your home to be appealing.


It might be a big task to carry heavy objects or goods up stairs. It can be exhausting, challenging, time-consuming, and most importantly, hazardous. An elevator offers a practical and effective way to move items like your weekend’s worth of groceries, baggage, strollers, laundry, trash, and much more.

Transport is simple.

The vast and massive homes of today sometimes have numerous storeys. Home elevators are the ideal answer for homes with numerous floors since they make traveling up and down stairs easier while also helping you better organize your time. It can grow quite tough and tiresome to climb stairs for even the smallest of tasks, and they may also be dangerous.

Swift and without wasting time

With the hectic lives we lead today, climbing stairs is both time-consuming and exhausting. There is no time wasted and there is quick transportation with Cibes house elevators. Home elevators are the finest option for speedy transportation because an elevator can get you to your floor in a matter of seconds whereas climbing stairs is tiresome and takes some time.