Guide For Choosing The Best Mattress

Guide For Choosing The Best Mattress

However, buying a mattress without researching first can result in sleepless nights and aching mornings if you don’t have a supportive base.

Mattresses can be expensive, with prices ranging from a few hundred to thousands. Before you make a purchase, ensure that you are satisfied with the mattress you choose.

You can find more information in our top mattress roundup.

We’ve compiled everything you need before you go to the high street or browse the internet – online-only mattresses companies are growing.

No matter if you are a side-sleeper or have chronic back pain, you can find the best option for you.

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Different types of mattresses

Open spring mattress Also called open coil or continuous-coil mattresses. They are made up of a long piece or wire that is twisted into many springs. To maintain the shape and structure, there is an additional wire or border rod. This is a great option for value, even though the sides are machine-stitched instead of hand-stitched. However, they are lighter than other models and are easy to turn. They are less supportive than most mattresses, so they are best suited for guest bedrooms or children’s beds.

Pocket spring mattress for Crushed velvet bed from Hugo & Sons. This mattress is more luxurious because it’s made of individual springs that are housed in their own pockets of fabric. Each spring is able to move independently, giving it more support than open-spring mattresses. There are soft, medium, or firm options available depending on your preference. They also have more airflow than latex or memory foam mattresses, which is great if it gets too hot at night.

These beds can be difficult to turn and filled with natural materials like lambswool, which could cause allergies. These are a great option for couples looking for a bed that will accommodate their different needs and weights. They also reduce the chance of your partner rolling in the middle of the night.

The bed-in-a box: These mattresses are a game-changer in the world of sleep. They have changed the way people buy their beds. Casper was the first company to offer bed-in-a box in the UK. Its popularity has led other brands like Leesa and Simba to follow its lead. These mattresses can be ordered online and delivered within days.

These are usually compressed and rolled into boxes, so you don’t need to “pivot!” as Rachel and Ross from Friends. The mattress can be unrolled and ready for use in just a few hours. These mattresses are made of foam, or a combination between memory foam and springs.

Memory foam mattress Modern memory foam mattresses are made of memory foam. This is a moldable material that responds to temperature, weight and has hypo-allergenic qualities. It molds to your body and absorbs your weight, which relieves pressure on your joints. This type of mattress is not for everyone. It can also get quite warm. However, it is ideal for people who have bad backs or need support.

Latex mattress These mattresses are made with latex foam. This is a particularly breathable material that won’t heat up in the middle of the day. It is also very durable and should last many years. It’s also a great option for people with asthma or allergies. These mattresses can feel quite solid initially so they are best suited for those who prefer a firmer mattress. Latex mattresses are heavy and can be difficult for people to turn. Also, cheaper models can become lumpy and dented over time.

Hybrid: These mattresses combine memory foam, latex, and pocket springs to provide a more comfortable sleeping environment. Hybrid mattresses often include a pocket-sprung base with a memory foam top layer. This provides support and comfort, and responds to your body’s needs.

Continuous and coil: A popular budget option, a continuous-coil mattress is made of one looped wire while an open-coil mattress is made with single springs that are connected by one wire. Although these are much cheaper than other types of mattresses, there is a risk that they will wear out quickly. These mattresses can also move around as you sleep, as they are made as one unit. If you or your partner do this, we recommend you look into other options.

Sizes of mattresses

These are the UK standards for mattress sizes:

Small single: 75cm by 190cm Single size: 120cm by 190cm Double size: 135cmx190cm King size size: 150cmx200cm Super-king size size: 180cmx200cm Emperor size: 200cmx202cm Larger emperor size: 215cmx217cm

Firmness of the mattress

The firmness of your mattress will impact how comfortable you sleep. Your sleeping position, weight and height will determine the level of firmness that you require. We will explain below which level of firmness is most appropriate for each type of sleeper.

Soft: Side-sleepers or people who frequently change their positions throughout the night will be best suited for soft mattresses. Because your sleep patterns already release pressure on your spine, you want your mattress and to mold to your body.

Medium soft This is the ideal choice for people who have to change their sleeping positions throughout the night. It will mold to your body but offer a little more support.

Medium company: This type of firmness is ideal for those who sleep on their backs. It provides extra support to the lower part of your spine.

FirmThis mattress is best for people who sleep on their backs, weigh over 15 stone, or have back pain. It will support your spine in a stable and comfortable position while you sleep.

What should you do if you are pregnant?

You will feel tired and want to sleep during your first trimester. You should get enough sleep to feel comfortable in any position, even your back.

You’ll feel your baby’s weight in your second trimester. This can make it uncomfortable and place extra pressure on some areas. A soft mattress can help with this. Your larger bump will mean that you should sleep on your left side. Sleeping on your back could cause your bump to press against the main blood vessel, making it feel weaker.

Your baby’s weight increases may cause pain in your lower back during your third trimester. You can ease the pain by sleeping on your left side, with a pillow between your knees, under and around your bump. To help moms-to be sleep, we have also reviewed Pregnancy Pillows.

Which mattress is best for you if you have back or joint pain?

Good mattresses should provide support and comfort, and this includes those with back problems.

Some retailers recommend a firm mattress, but you should still look for one that aligns your spine while you sleep and reduces pressure points. It all depends on your weight. Firmer mattresses are recommended by some retailers. Many online retailers offer a 30-day trial period that allows you to return the mattress and get your money back.

Your sleeping position and alignment will be affected by the pillow you choose. To learn more, take a look at our pillows reviews.

Mattress Care

After your mattress has been delivered, let it air out for at least 4 hours. This will eliminate any dampness or cold smells. The mattress should be air-conditioned at least once a week by taking out the bed linen. Make sure to rotate your mattress every other week. This will prevent your mattress from settling and can also stop your weight from changing the mattress.

A mattress protector can also prolong the life of your mattress. To protect your mattress from dirt and stains, a mattress protector is a sheet that you place on top of your bed linens (and the mattress topper).

Your mattress should be replaced every 8-10 years. It is important for hygiene and because your mattress will become less supportive over time. It’s time to make a switch if you are feeling sore or if you have a preference for other beds.

Mattress toppers

A mattress topper adds an extra layer of cushioning to your mattress before you place your sheets on. These pillows provide extra support and comfort and make your bed more luxurious and cozy. There are many options available: goose feathers and polyester, wool, cotton, and even wool. You can find one for your bed in our mattress topper reviews.

IndyBest’s Best Buy mattress

  • Sizes Available : Super king, double, and king
  • Mattress depth: 28cm
  • Material Memory foam, springs
  • Trial Period: 100 Nights
  • Guarantee: 10 Years

We think this extra-deep, vacuum-packed hybrid mattress, is the best, especially for people who sleep on their backs at least half the night. And unlike the Emma hybrid, which can be used by anyone, it’s suitable for all sizes and shapes. This is especially good news for overweight and tall back sleepers.

It is durable and will last longer than most mattresses. We give it 10/10 for breathability, comfort, support, and support. It is slightly firmer than medium. Eve believes it is due to special layers, years of product development and focus group testing. First, the top gives you a comfortable lift. Next, a memory foam layer contours your body. Then comes a thicker foam support layer. Finally, a foam base layer provides stability and also contains full-sized pocket springs. The cover can be washed and won’t cause any disturbance to your partner if you roll over. Although it does have a slight smell, it is not unpleasant over time.