How To Choose The Right Laminate Flooring In Your Room

How To Choose The Right Laminate Flooring In Your Room

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the options. Therefore, it is better to go room-by-room and shop at a flooring specialist than a general home improvement store.

Learn how to select the best laminate flooring for your room. This will help you to give your home a fresh look. The many options of laminate flooring Wallasey will be apparent in every room.

How to choose the right laminate flooring in your room

Laminate flooring may not be suitable for all rooms or purposes. Bathrooms and kitchens require moisture resistance. Areas with high traffic such as hallways, receptions, and storefronts will need to have a higher rating floor. Let’s take a look in some rooms and see what industry experts recommend.

Hallway and landing

It’s important because it’s usually the first floor that people see when they enter a home. Also, it receives the most foot traffic as it connects to all the main rooms. You may have noticed, if you have carpet flooring in your hallway before, that some areas are more worn than others.

If you’re looking for a durable laminate for Hallways, look for AC ratings above 3 which will ensure a tough and resilient floor. We recommend Europe’s most beloved brand Quick-Step Laminate Flooring for a durable floor. It also comes in many designs.

For hallways, a flooring that is at least 12mm thick will be best. The Krono Laminate Flooring range is durable and can hide wet feet in winter and autumn.

Living Room / Lounge

Living room, or lounge, as you prefer it, should be versatile. This is the space where you spend most time with your family and friends and is likely to need to be redecorated most often.

Krono 12mm laminate flooring in light oak is a neutral choice. You can update your living space with this floor without having to change it.


You must love natural light if you have a conservatory. You need flooring that will reflect the natural light that floods through your roof and windows. Synthetic flooring made from HDF cores in different profiles, but with one thing in common.

It should be a floor that feels warm and spacious. A conservatory deserves plants. You don’t have to choose a wood floor. Instead, a light tile-motif like the Krono Kamala 8mm tile flooring will keep your conservatory looking bright and Mediterranean all year.

Dining Room

The dining room is for serving rich foods and hot beverages to your guests. You can’t go wrong when you choose a dark wood effect like the Prestige Manson Walnut Laminated Flooring. It looks almost exactly like real wood but can be easily wiped clean even after the event.

Wood-floor looks have become extremely popular in recent years. However, it is not realistic for homes with real wood furnishings. If you do have this situation, consider rustic and hand-scraped finishes to look more natural.


Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so choose flooring that suits your style. Laminated photographic images or graphical top layers that are designed to give the final look of wood or any other desired effect.

Grey-toned flooring options are great for New York apartments, such as the cheerful and inexpensive Grey Oak laminate flooring. Because of its wide range of designs and colours, laminate flooring is the most widely used type of flooring.

A rustic and country-chic look is achieved by using a laminate flooring made from Prestige Oxford Oak. It’s durable, cost-effective, and easy to install.

For a minimalist, airy feel, choose a light-coloured laminate flooring like the White Oak. You can browse our laminate flooring sales to find the best deals and order samples to test before you purchase.


It is important to consider functionality and practicality when designing a kitchen. Laminate flooring in kitchens must be water-resistant, easy to maintain, and slip resistant to be suitable for use in both enclosed and open-plan kitchens.

LVT Flooring is great for these rooms, but there are many options for laminate flooring. You can also find tile effect laminate flooring, which is the preferred look for kitchens. Brands like QuickStep or Krono Original offer a wide range of travetine laminate designs that give the appearance of square tiles with stone and marble effects.

Krono’s travertine laminate kitchen flooring is ideal for modern, clean-lined homes. It also comes with great quality assurance guarantees.

Utility and Garage

The garage and utility room must be able to withstand heavy traffic, but not as much as the hallway.

Dropped tools, dirty laundry bags, rusty gardening tools, oil leaks, broken bicycles, and other mishaps will all happen so make sure your floor is durable and dark.

Kaindl’s Black oak laminate flooring is bold and tough. Its 8mm thick planks can withstand heavy use and most stains.


Laminate flooring is widely used in bathrooms. The water-resistant layer is a major benefit of waterproof laminated flooring, which makes it suitable to be used in bathrooms. Wood, unlike laminate which has a protective layer on the top, is not recommended. It’s porous and can warp from water spillages or drips from the sink. The photographic lamination layer gives you the option to achieve the look of wood with the tile-like waterproofness. You can embrace the natural look by choosing a darker wood grain like Quick Step’s varnished Shipdeck flooring, or a more traditional light neutral ceramic tile effect from VVT flooring. This gives you the best of both.

Lofts Conversations

Loft spaces emphasize height and minimalism. You can accentuate loft spaces with exposed wooden beams by matching the colour of the flooring to the existing wood features. Natural oak laminate flooring can be used if you want to keep the roof beams intact.