How to Connect a PS4 to a Hotel Wifi Network

How to Connect a PS4 to a Hotel Wifi Network

This article is for you if you want to know how to connect  PS4 to hotel wifi. It can be aggravating to be on the road and not have internet access on your gaming device. How else are you going to upload or boast about your winning play on social media?

It’s also worth noting that not all hotel wifi connections are secure, so if the connection is insecure, using a VPN may be essential. Nobody wants their password to be leaked!

There are numerous routes to take when attempting to connect your PS4 to hotel wifi, but first let’s go over some fundamental router information.

An internet connection is required for your PlayStation 4 system (obviously). How are you going to get this internet connection? Will you connect to the hotel wifi or use your phone’s internet hotspot? Perhaps you can link your connection directly to an Ethernet port on the back of your PS4. What is the procedure for connecting to a router? What is the procedure for this?

A router is essentially a device that allows users to connect to a shared network. A connection between the modem and router must first be established for it to function. But how does this actually happen? How many cables are required for it to function effectively, and in what sequence should they be plugged in?

If you’re still with me, keep reading because I’ll go over all of that and more as we go over how PlayStation 4 consoles connect to hotel routers.

PS4 gamers have encountered a blunder notification when connecting to a Connect PS4 to Hotel Wifi organization. This error notice may turn them off because they assume that connecting via hotel Wi-Fi is out of the question. Regardless, with the appropriate guidance, you can connect to these Wi-Fi organizations and participate in the continuing dialogue.

When connecting to these public organizations, you can successfully avoid the blunder warning issued by the PS4 interface. The best way to accomplish this is to configure network settings on your control panel:

Step 1: Choose your options.

The first step is to select settings using your regulators. Explore the settings area to see how you may organize network-related data. When you’ve entered settings, look for the toolbox icon and click the “X” button.

Following that, a menu of options will appear, and when you get to this point, click on “network settings.” This Connect PS4 to Hotel Wifi is where you’ll be able to set up web connectivity and avoid the error warning that may appear later on.

Step 2: Adjusting network settings

When you enter the organization settings section, you will discover a variety of connectivity settings. You’ll also notice a tab labeled “Set Up Internet Connection” among these options. Click on this option to see other connectivity options that will allow you to use hotel Wi-Fi.

When the following page appears, pick the Wi-Fi access tab. Connect to the Wi-Fi network using the basic set-up method rather than the bespoke one.

Step 3: Configure security settings

The PS4 control center will then connect to your chosen Wi-Fi network that is associated with the hotel. This progression will take you to the fundamental component of testing that connection. Put on that alternative of testing your connection and wait for it to finish.

In all likelihood, you will receive a blunder message at this point, indicating that the setup failed. Select “suggested activities” after clicking on subtleties. After that, you can secure the Wi-Fi network by logging into the hotel’s organization.

Step 4: Access the hotel’s Wi-Fi page.

You will then be directed to the Connect PS4 to Hotel Wifi organization’s login page. Enter all appropriate accreditations, just like you would while connecting interestingly.

When all of stuff is in place, re-test the connection to ensure that everything is working properly, and you are ready to start playing online games. If it succeeds, it means you’re ready to go for web-based gaming.

Connect the PS4 to the hotel WiFi. Using Custom Options
Connect the PS4 to the hotel’s WiFi.

One analyst on Connect PS4 to Hotel Wifi suggested using a custom DNS worker to connect. Here’s how you can go about it:

Follow the steps outlined above to navigate to “Set Up Internet Connection” and select the option to use WiFi.

1. Choose “Custom” rather than “Simple.”
2. Choose a hotel organization.
3. Enter the WiFi network’s passphrase (which might be automatically saved in the event that you have recently attempted to connect)
4. IP Address Configuration: automatic
5. Do Not Use DCHP Hostname
6.DNS Configuration: Manual
7. LAN: Local Area Network
8. Custom IP Address Configuration: Do Not Use Automatic DHCP Host Name
9. DNS Configuration: Manual
10. Then, from that point on, enter the required DNS as “”
11. Enter “” as the auxiliary DNS.
12. Hit Following MTU Configuration: Do Not Use an Automatic Intermediary Server. Use
13. Then, test the web connection to see if the settings were successful.

If the above DNS workers don’t work, the Redditor suggests attempting essential DNS: and auxiliary DNS: