Internal Door Buyer’s Guide

Internal Door Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the perfect interior doors for your home is an exciting opportunity to add some unique style to your rooms, but where do you begin when there’s so much to choose from? That’s where we come in. We’ve put up a simple guide to help you on your way to finding the perfect door.

We’ve gone through every detail, from size and style to material and finish, so you can rest assured that you’re choosing the best decision possible.

We have a wonderful range to meet any home or budget, from modern to traditional, paneled to molded.

Before you begin,

You’ll need to know the size of your Internal Glazed Doors before you go shopping. Grab a measuring tape and follow the simple steps outlined below.

How big is it?

First, determine the height, width, and depth of the frame opening where the door will be installed. To determine the width of your new door, start with the broadest measurement.

How high do you want to go?

Measure in three points within the frame opening where the door will be (this time to the left, center, and right). Your new door’s height will be determined by the longest length.

Do you need to make any changes?

Compare your dimensions to the sizes available in the style you want once you’ve taken them. While you’re shopping, keep in mind that different doors allow for different amounts of trimming, so if you can’t find the precise size, double-check the amount you can cut to get the right fit.

Choosing the Right Doors

Now comes the fun part: selecting your doors! The easy steps outlined here will assist you in making your decision.

There’s certain to be a door style that suits your home – and your budget – whether you choose a classic or contemporary look.


Depending on your design, our panel doors are solid or hollow core moulded with a woodgrain texture or smooth face and are primed and ready to paint. Also available are ply flush panel doors that are ready to paint.

Traditional paneled doors, whether painted, varnished, or stained, will provide plenty of privacy and beauty. Typically, they have two, four, or six panels.


Glazed doors allow light to enter the area and brighten it up. You can choose a fully glazed door for maximum effect or a partially glazed door for a unique style.

Our glazed interior doors are simple to install and suitable for any area in your home. Clear glass will enable light to flow through your home, giving the impression of more space, while frosted glass will provide more privacy in spaces where you want it.


Sliding doors are a stylish and functional way to save space or perhaps add a new room to your home. These are ideal for small spaces where a standard door opening would be impractical, such as cupboards or small bathrooms.

There are 12 distinct designs to pick from in a variety of materials.

Our sliding doors may be installed over any door frame, and our sliding systems and coverings come in six different styles, allowing you to create a unique look for your house.


These ingenious folding doors are not only more space-efficient than swing doors, but they’re also more versatile and ideal for establishing storage areas. If you’re in a pinch for space, they’re ideal.

Folding doors can be used to create new sections in your home, such as wardrobes, bathrooms, playrooms, or a home office. Your folding door will tuck neatly away to the side while it is open.

From glass panels to ready-to-paint, our folding doors come in a variety of finishes and embellishments.


Flush doors have a smooth back and front, as well as a sleek, contemporary design that blends in with any home.

Our flush doors come in a variety of styles, depending on the type of finish you want. We also have a primed, ready-to-paint MDF model that you may personalize.

Doors that are resistant to fire

Building codes can be difficult, prone to change, and differ from one location to the next. As a result, we are unable to provide advice on these matters; nevertheless, you should consult the building regulations for information on the use and requirements of fire doors.