League of Legends: Elo Boosting System

League of Legends: Elo Boosting System

8 Tips to Climb the League of Legends Ladder

Anyone who has attempted to climb the League of Legends ranked ladder knows how frustrating it can be. While some steps may be more difficult than others, it is worth it once you are able to overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back. Ranking can sometimes be a nightmare. This could be because of other players’ grief, dealing with AFKs, or the feeling that you are playing against nine opponents. Vodafone Giants are active in the Spanish Regional League (LVP SuperLiga) and are available to assist you. These eight tips will help you climb up the League of Legends ranks ladder and get that promotion to your preferred rank.

Find out what makes you strong

It’s important to choose strong champions in order to maximize your win/loss ratio. Although it is possible to one-tricke your way up the ranks, you will often perform worse if your main role isn’t filled or your champion is banned. It’s a good idea to read the patch notes and watch professional players play in order to learn which roles are strong. To determine which patch notes are weak and which are strong, professional players always refer to them. Vodafone Giants’ ADC Amadeu “Attila” Carvalho said it was the theory of how the game works. This means that you must understand the theory to be able to succeed in the practical part.

Replay your videos

Sometimes it can be difficult to see what you are doing wrong when you are playing the game. It’s hard to step back and see what went wrong during your last play. There is always something happening on the screen. This gives you an excellent overview of the current situation on the map at any point in the game. It allows you to see the actions of your opponents and what mistakes you might have made that could have cost you the game. Attila says that he watches replays every day and believes they are very valuable because you can see your play differently.

Know your limits and don’t be afraid to die

The number of deaths in games that are high elo and low elo is one of the most significant differences between them. This is what does elo stand for. The number of deaths is higher for lower-ranked players, who make more mistakes. However, higher-ranked players are more familiar with the limits of their champions. You’re not just losing gold, but also exp and farm. It’s best to understand your champion’s limits and to play safe, and to capitalize on your opponent’s mistakes in order to climb.

Do not tilt

It is not an easy task and everyone makes mistakes from time to time. The pros have some suggestions for you. Edgaras ‘Eckas’ Strazdauskas is a Vodafone Giants jungler. He says that he takes deep breaths when he gets frustrated. He simply walks outside after a tough game to get fresh air and reset his mind. Kamil “Kamilius” Kostal, Vodafone Giants support, laughs at his frustrations and promises himself that he will perform better in the next games. Sometimes, the best way to “untilt”, is to take a step back and allow yourself to be patient before you queue up for the next game.

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If you don’t play, you can’t climb. Professional players aim to play at most two solo queue games per day. We asked Vodafone Giants players if they played more than four to six games per day. This does not include scrims and stage games. This can be quite a lot for casual players. If you want to climb, you have to work hard. It’s not possible to play just two or three games per week. If you are motivated, aim to play at least 10 games per week. Make sure to view replays so that you can learn from your mistakes.

Learn the roles

It is extremely difficult to master one role in League of Legends. You should therefore focus your efforts on one primary role as you climb the ladder. It is important to know the capabilities of each role. If a bot starts on the bot side, you need to know how to gank a top laner. This will give you the ability to know when and where your opponents are at any given moment. A second example is Malphite’s ultimate range, which you can use to your advantage as an ADC to avoid it. Understanding the roles of champions will help you win more games.

Use the practice tool

You’ve read the patch notes or seen a streamer play a champion. Now you want to try it in ranked. The first thing you should do is to practice the champion in the practice tool. It is a great place to practice new combinations and mechanics. You should use the practice tool to learn as much as possible.

Concentrate on you

League of Legends can be played as a team game. It is important to play with your teammates. It can be difficult to coordinate dives and plays with your team in solo queue. You don’t need to do fancy outplays and wombo-combos. Instead, clash games and flex queue are your best options. Solo-queue is a time to focus on your game. This means you should not flame someone in your game who is feeding. This will not make them perform better or help you win more games. Accept the fact that not all games can be won, but learn from your mistakes to improve in the next game.

The ranked system will attempt to balance you at a 50% win rate. You’ll reach the next milestone if you climb higher than this. What are you waiting? Get ready to climb the next level!