Raid Shadow Legends Best Heroes

Raid Shadow Legends Best Heroes

Keep in mind that the best champions and tier lists can vary from one player to the next. This guideline is intended to provide a general guideline for pro players throughout the game. Follow the instructions and have fun!


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Vergumkaar, a Legendary Support Champions,, from the Lizardmen faction, is Vergumkaar. His affinity is Spirit, meaning he can fight Force characters but is weak against Magic characters.

His skills do not scale with an attack, which is completely unnecessary for him.

His first skill is “Bejeweled bulk”, which he uses to attack an enemy. It also gives him a 35% chance to place a Stun debuff per turn. Each buff Vergumkaar receives, the chance to place Stun is increased by 15%.

To max out this skill, you will need four books. This will give you a 10% boost in damage and a 10% debuff chance. The debuff chance increases from 35% to 45 %.

The second skill, “Honored Ancient”, eliminates all Provoke and random debuffs from all allies. This skill also grants a 60% Increase Defence and Shield buff to all allies who have had their debuffs removed. This champion’s Max HP is 20% and the Shield buff equals 20%. Each buff lasts for 2 turns.

This ability can be maxed out by four books, increasing the Shield buff’s effectiveness from 20% to 40% and decreasing its Cooldown from 4 turns to 3 turns.

Third skill, “Crushing Trample”, is an AoE that removes random buffs from enemies. This skill removes two random buffs from every enemy at 75%. It also places a 100% Block Heal buff for three turns on any enemies who have had one or more of his buffs removed. For two turns, he also applies a 60% Decrease Defence to enemies who have had at least two debuffs removed.

This ability is maxed out by five books. It increases damage by 15% and reduces the cooldown from 5 to 3 turns.

He is protected by a Passive, which makes him invulnerable to Provoke demuffs. His turn meter also fills up 20% every time an enemy attempts to place a Provoke denuff on Vergumkaar.

His Aura increases Ally Resist by 55

To max out his abilities, it takes him thirteen books. This is quite a feat for a legend Champ. For now, you can hold off until things change for the better.

You should aim to improve his Defense and HP stats while gearing him up. Another useful stat is Accuracy. An Accuracy banner can be combined with the Defense substat. The HP of the amulet and ring should be equal to or greater than 100. You can use Speed or HP percent for boots. He doesn’t require too much speed. You can equip him with Gauntlets and a HP percent Chestplate.

His anti-provoke ability is his best use in Arena Defense. However, he isn’t as good as other Champions. He is quite good in the Spirit Keep, Ice Golem’s Peak and Faction Wars. He is useful in the Magic Keep and Dragon’s Lair as well as Arena Offense, Void Keep and Minotaur’s Labyrinth. He’s terrible in the Campaign, Spider’s Den and Fire Knight and the Clan Boss is his worst.

When selecting masteries, you should also consider the Defense and Support trees. To place his debuffs in the Defense tree, you’ll need [Deterrence]. He doesn’t require anything from the Offense Tree.

He is a disappointing Legendary. He isn’t worth the Champions that he needs to fuse and he doesn’t deserve the books that maximize his abilities.


Ursuga Warcaller Legendary HP champion from the Barbarians faction. Her affinity is Void, meaning she does not have any advantages or disadvantages over other affinities.

She is one of the most powerful champions in terms of base stats. Her HP is impressive at 23460, and her Defense is 1531. Her speed is also impressive at 108

“Gigantic Cudgel” is her first skill. It allows her to attack an enemy and gives her a chance of placing a Block Cooldown Skill every turn.

This skill can be used by four books, increasing damage by 15% and the Debuff chance from 45 to 60 percent.

An AoE is the second skill, “Barrel Through”. For two turns, this skill “Barrel Through” applies a 30% decrease critical damage debuff and 50% decrease attack debuff to targets with higher attack than their defense. For 2 turns, she places a 30% decrease speed debuff and 60% decrease defense debuff on enemies with Attack equal to or lower than their Defense.

This ability is maxed out by five books. It increases damage by 15% and decreases the cooldown from 5 turns to 3.

The third skill, “Bottoms Up”, places a 50% Ally protection boost on all allies but herself. She also places a 25% Strengthen buff for 2 turns.

Her passive “Golden Guard”, which is passive, reduces critical hits’ damage by 30%. Ursuga will instead take the damage.

Her Aura boosts the HP of all allies during all battles by 33%

Ursuga requires 11 books in order to maximize her potential. You don’t have to spend money on Ursuga, as all of her books are very impactful.

You should maximize her HP. Your goal is to get her to 100 000 by the end of the game. Speed should be around 240. Accuracy is important for her build, so get her an Accuracy banner. You won’t want her to be a damage dealer, so give her an HP amulet. She needs speed boots. For Gauntlets and Chestplate, use HP%.

Ursuga can be found in the Faction Wars and Void Keep. She can be used in the Campaign, Magic Keep Fire Knight’s Castle Spider’s Den and Spirit Keep. She can be used in Clan Boss. You can use her in long, drawn out fights in Arena.

Use the Defense and Support masteries. [Eagle Eye] should always be the last mastery, especially for the Arena. Her performance in Clan Boss is good and she will not benefit from the Offense mastery.


Saito is a Legendary Attack champion from the Undead Hordes. His affinity is Magic. This means that he can fight Spirit characters but is weak against Force characters.

His base stats are all good, except for his accuracy which is 0.

His first skill is “Unbearable Assault”, which allows him to attack an enemy twice. After the first hit, he has a 50% chance to place a 60% debuff. He attacks again if he places the 60% debuff. This ability can be maxed out by four books, increasing damage output by 10% and increasing debuff chance by 50% to 60%.

He attacks an enemy with the second skill, “Enduring Warrior”. However, if the Defense of the enemy exceeds Saito’s defense, he applies a 50% increase attack and 30% increase critical damage buffs to himself for two turns. The cooldown for this skill is reduced by one turn if the target has less than 50% HP. To max out this ability, it takes five books. This increases the damage by 20% and reduces the cooldown by one turn.

Saito uses the third ability, “Army Breaker”, to attack an enemy. However, if there are more than three enemies on the battlefield, he will attack all except the first target. Saito’s damage increases by 20% if the enemy with more HP than Saito. This ability is maxed out by four books. It increases the damage by 15% and reduces the cooldown from 5 turns to 4.

Passive “Vendetta”, which ignores 7,5% defense of the enemy for each attack, stacks up to 30 If Saito attacks an enemy with a different name, this effect will disappear.

His Aura increases the attack of Allies on Dungeons by 30 percent.

Saito can be quite costly bookwise, but it will pay off in endl. So make sure you max out his capabilities.

To equip him with Accuracy banners, as he doesn’t have one. The amulet usually deals Critical Damage. Equip him with an Attack Ring. You will need to equip him with an Attack Ring. Gauntlets and Chestplate should have Critical Damage percent.

Saito excels in the Arena Offense and Clan Boss, Dragon’s Lair. Faction Wars, Void Keep and Ice Golem’s Peak. He does well in the Campaign, Arena Defense and Force Keep. He is not here or there in the Fire Knight. Spider’s Den is likely the dungeon with the worst performance, but you can see that he is still competent.

In the masteries, use the Defense and Offense trees. His Passive is the best way to use [Warmaster] mastery.


Candraphon is a Legendary Attack Champions from the Demonspawn faction. His affinity is Force, which means he is strong against Magic but weak against Spirit.

His Crit Damage, at 63%, is his highest base stat. He doesn’t really need 10 Accuracy, even though he does have 10 accuracy.

He attacks his enemy with the first skill, “Punish Hubris”, and he can attack again if he has a buff.

This ability is maxed out by four books, which equals 30%.

The second skill, “Butcher’s Glee”, is an AoE which grants an extra turn and resets the cooldown for the “On the Hunt” skill if it kills an opponent.

This ability can be maxed out by five books, increasing damage output by 20% and reducing cooldown from 4-3 turns to 5.

For 2 turns, the third skill, “On The Hunt”, places a Perfect Veil buff and a 50% Attack boost buff, along with a 30% Speed buff and a 30% Increase Critical damage buff on this Champion.

Candraphon can have a passive “From the Shadow” ability. His damage is increased by 40% and he takes 40% less damage. Additionally, his Turn Meter gets a 15% boost each time he takes damage. These effects are only possible if the Champion is equipped with a Veil/Perfect Veil buff. If he is the only one alive in his team, this passive effect won’t work. This active effect grants a Perfect Veil buff that lasts for one turn every time the enemy’s Turn Meter is full (cannot be removed).

His Aura increases Ally Attack in Arena by 33 percent

He doesn’t waste books – he could still stop at the cooldown for the second skill if he has good rng, but maxing out his first skill gives him a lot more advantage.

Use Relentless or Divine Critical Rate sets for gear. Resistance is the best banner for Cadraphon. Crit Damage should be used for the ring and amulet. Boots are best if they can move quickly. The gauntlets and chest plate should be Crit Damage.

Candraphon can be used best in Arena Offense and Minotaur’s Labyrinth. Force Keep, Void Keep and Faction Wars are his favorite uses. He excels in the Campaign, Arena Defense Dragon’s Lair Ice Golem’s Peak, Arena Defense, and Dragon’s Lair. He’s average in Magic Keep, Spider’s Den, Magic Keep, but he’s terrible in Clan Boss and Fire Knight. Spirit Keep is his worst nightmare.

Masteries can include Defense and Offense trees. You can top off your masteries by adding [Helmsmasher] and [Flawless Execution] to the Offense tree.


Visix the Unbowed, a Legendary Defense Champion of the Dark Elves faction, is Visix the unbowed. Her affinity is Void, meaning she doesn’t have any advantages or disadvantages over other affinity.

Her base stats are mostly solid. While her defense is quite good, Accuracy is very poor at 0.

The first ability she has, “Flanged Mace”, attacks the enemy twice. Each hit has an 80% chance to decrease the enemy’s Turn Meter 10% and increase the Visixes Turn Meter the same amount.

This ability can be used by four books, which gives it a 10% boost in damage and an increase of the Debuff chance from 80 to 100.

An AoE is the second ability, “Sinister Allies”. This ability has a 75% chance to place a 30% decrease speed for two turns. This ability grants a Shield buff equal to 20% of the target’s max HP for two turns.

To max out this skill, five books are required. They increase damage by 10%, increase the Debuff/Buff chance by 75% to 100%, decrease the cooldown from 4 turns to 3 turns, and reduce the cooldown by 4 to 5 turns.

The third ability is “Single Combat”, which places a Provoke Debuff on the Enemy, for one turn. This ability places a 50% Ally Protection Buff for all allies for two turns.

The cooldown is reduced from 4 to 3 turns by one Legendary book

Visix’s Aura increases Ally Defense in Faction Crypts 37% by 37%

If you are lucky, the other abilities will not be too important, it will be helpful to maximize her second ability with books.

Gear-wise, you’ll need an Accuracy banner because she doesn’t have Accuracy at all. An amulet of defense is a good option for her. HP is a good choice for the ring. Equip her with Speed boots, Defense Chestplate and Defense Gauntlets.

Visix is the best Faction Wars player. Her game is excellent in Campaign, Spider’s Den and Fire Knight, Minotaur’s Labyrinth Ice Golem’s Peak and all Keeps. However, it is not exceptional as the Dragons lair is right underneath. Although she isn’t great in both defense and offense, she isn’t useless. Clan Boss is her only real weakness.

Masteries can be obtained by using the Defense and Support tree. Visix isn’t a great damage dealer, so it’s important to make her the best tank possible by going down the Defense Tree down to [Bulwark].


Tormin the cold is a Legendary Defense Champion of the Dwarves faction. His affinity is Void, meaning he doesn’t have any advantages or disadvantages over any other affinity.

His base stats are quite good. He has over 20000 HP, defense of 1421 and speed is slightly lower. His Resist and Accuracy are also very good.

Rimfire is his first skill. This AoE has a 15% chance to place a Freeze debuff during a turn. This skill activates whenever an enemy has both a Freeze or an HP Burn debuff. It activates after some damage is done to HP Burn.

This ability can be maxed out by two Legendary books, which will increase his Buff chance by 15% to 25%.

Iceberg Crush is the second skill. It removes all buffs from enemies and attacks them twice. Tormin will steal all buffs from targets that have Freeze debuffs. If the enemy has HP Burn or Freeze debuffs, Tormin will ignore Defense.

This ability can be maxed out by three Legendary books. It increases damage by 20% and reduces Cooldown from 4 to 3.

The AoE is also available in his third skill, “Blizzard Rage”. This skill blocks all Buffs [Blockbuffs] from enemies and reduces Healing [Heal Reduce] for 2 turns. The chance of being provoked by enemies who don’t have Freeze has a 60% chance. This skill reduces the cooldown by one turn of any random Skill of an Ally for each enemy that is attacked with Freeze or an HP burn debuff.

Two Legendary books can max out this ability, and increase the chance of debuffing by 20%.

Tormin is equipped with a passive “Wintry Wind” passive. This passive is 15% more likely to place a Freeze debuff on enemies who get a buff, heal, or fill their Turn Meter. This passive does not work if an enemy gets their buff, healing, Turn Meter, or turnmeter from an Artifact set or Masteries. [Active Effect] This Champion is restored to 100% HP upon death and grants Tormin a Freeze debuff for one turn.

This Passive can be maxed out by four books. It reduces the Cooldown to 8 to 6 turns, and increases the Debuff chance to 10%.

His aura increases Defense of Allies by 33% in all battles

It is recommended that you learn all your skills through books.

Tormin is a suppressive Champion so it’s a good idea to give him a Speed set and a Stun set. Equip him with an Accuracy banner. Tormin’s Accuracy stat is vital so that he can inflict all his enemies with debuffs. Try to get it as high and as high as possible. Defense is the best stat to use with the Ring, Amulet and Chestplate. He is better used as a tank than a damage dealer. You can use Speed boots to him.

Tormin is the best Arena Offense and Defense. He is great in Faction Wars, as well as Arena. He excels in the Campaign, Dragon’s Lair and Minotaur’s Labyrinth. He is neither that great or terrible in the Spider’s Den and Fire Knight’s Castle. Clan Boss is his only real weakness.

For masteries, it is recommended that you use the Defense and Support Trees. The [Fearsome Pressence] is great with the Stun gear set.


Mountain King is a Legendary Attack Champion of the Dwarves faction. His affinity is Force, which means he is strong against Magic but weak against Spirit.

His base HP and attack are among the best in the game, although his base Speed may be a little lower. His Resistance is quite large. His damage is dependent on attack and HP, but this Champion can increase his HP much more easily.

His first skill is the basic Thunder Cleave, which he uses to attack an enemy once. This ability can be increased by 20% by four books.

His second ability, “Enchanted Axe”, allows him to attack an enemy while disregarding 50% of their Defense. This ability can be maxed out by four books, increasing damage by 25% and decreasing cooldown from 5 to 4.

The third ability, “Regal Force”, attacks an enemy. It ignores Shield damage buffs and Block damage buffs. The cooldown is reduced from 5 to 4 turns and the damage is increased by 10% with three books.

His passive “Fabled Skill”, which increases King’s attack by 50% every time he kills an enemy, stacks up to 100% and resets each round.

Although the Mountain King is fully functional without the use of books, if you do want to book him, make sure to obtain the cooldown reductions for the second and third abilities.

A Shield set is the best gear for the Mountain King, as he has a large HP pool. He doesn’t require a lot Speed or Accuracy. Equip him with an HP-based set like Life, Immortal, or Divine Life. You should equip him with equipment that is either HP or HP%, and have various substats. You can equip him with an HP banner that has speed and defense substats. Also, you can give him an HP amulet with a greater Resistance substat. Finally, an HP ring with Defense percentage and HP percent substats will be given to him. If you have any, put on HP percent boots and an HP percent chestplate. You guessed it: HP percent for Gauntlets

The Arena Defense is where the Mountain King shines. He excels in the Magic Keep and Dragon’s Lair as well as Faction Wars. He does well in the Campaign, Minotaur’s Labyrinth and Force Keep. He is very bad in the Clan Boss and Fire Knight as well as Spider’s Den, Spirit Keep, and Spider’s Den.

It is recommended that you use the Defense and Offense trees in masteries. You can also take the Support route to reach the [Elixir of Life] mastery. You can go either way down the offense tree to [Flawless Execution].