The top project management tools

The top project management tools

With a distributed team, great project management is more crucial than ever. It’s essential that everyone remains on the same page, meets all deadlines, and has access to frequent updates and data that can be shared with the group as a whole. Your team can do just that thanks to these project management tools, or you can start working with more specific tools from professionals, for more information Visit Accely.


A complete business management tool is Scoro. Its goal is to simplify workflows by relieving you of menial duties so you can spend more time concentrating on what matters—pleaseing your consumers. You can manage your team, log your time, and create and send invoices with Scoro.


One of the best features is the team dashboard. It has all the information you need to quickly check on projects, such as profit, budget changes, project steps, and more. It is simpler to keep on track and, more crucially, under budget when all of this information is readily available to the entire team in real-time.


Cyfe by Traject

To handle your social media marketing, analytics, sales, support, and other activities, you probably utilize a range of tools, platforms, and services. Cyfe enables your marketing team to manage each one jointly and centrally rather than separately. Freshbooks, Alexa, Basecamp, Instagram, and other services are integrated.


No matter where you are or which tools each team member has access to, you can check-in and get a clear picture of what is happening at any given moment thanks to the real-time data from those tools that is pulled into Cyfe. You can make more educated judgments and ensure the security of your numerous marketing accounts when combined with historical data for your small business.



It can take a lot of time and effort to hire. Posting positions on numerous websites, eliminating unqualified applicants, and holding interviews all require a significant amount of time and work. Everyone involved would feel a great sense of relief if just one step of the procedure could be made simpler.


Posting open positions is the first step in this process that Betterteam streamlines. You may publish jobs to more than 100 well-known job sites in only a few minutes, which is probably considerably more than you could do manually. You’ll not only receive a lot more visibility and access to thousands of qualified people, but you’ll also save a ton of time doing it. Casting a broader net is one of the benefits of working remotely, so be sure you’re doing it.



You can keep all of your employees’ information organized in one location thanks to the GoCo platform, which combines HR management, benefits administration, and payroll into one user-friendly solution. Additionally, it makes sure that you always abide by the law and may be integrated with your payroll system to eliminate any worries regarding compliance. Additionally, it makes it simple for employees to apply for benefits, seek time off, and other things, reducing the need for back-and-forth emails about who needs what.


GoCo can easily track every HR data in one location thanks to integrations with a number of your favorite apps, like Linkedin, Slack, Quickbooks, Lyft, Uber, and Paychex.



A new workflow is required if projects are frequently held up in the editing and approval process, with numerous fresh versions and feedback from numerous team leaders. For teams that frequently work in this manner, Filestage is a crucial tool. Creatives may submit their work using an all-in-one proofing tool, and management can provide comments and revision requests in one place. Filestage is the best option for any creative project you have because it can handle videos, photos, documents, and audio files.


Our article on the top remote communication tools for the new year also included a recommendation for this program.


Best resources for effective teamwork

Cross-functional cooperation is still king in the office, but maintaining it without bringing everyone together can be difficult. Don’t let remote work cause this important aspect of your company to fade away. Instead, use these essential tools to keep communication simple and new.



As your remote team expands, your employees might find it difficult to socialize with coworkers in the same way they once did. Herein lies the role of Connecteam. With the aid of this software, your staff may connect with one another for better collaboration.


Employees can search for other team members within the company to cooperate with, managers can send out messages to the entire workforce, and everyone can participate in surveys and polls to gain a sense of the company’s hivemind. If you’ve increased your team due to the COVID-19 pandemic and want these remote employees to get to know one another, this is a great tool.



Our professional inboxes are more congested than our personal ones, according to a report published in August 2020 by the Frontpage team. In actuality, 10% of people, or one email every six minutes during office hours, receive more than 100 emails per day. These messages can easily get lost or mixed up without proper organization, which slows down projects for those who need responses.


Hubgets uses simple project management tools and enhanced communication features to combat the email addiction. Instead of sending numerous email threads, this solution allows teams to concentrate on specific projects and communicate in real-time. This enables you to log out of your inbox so that you can concentrate on your job without being sidetracked by endless email threads and notifications.



Your productivity will increase with Nextiva since it makes it simpler to communicate and complete tasks efficiently. Teams can communicate over the phone, via text, via video, or via email messaging. Most significantly, all of this communication can be kept in one location. No more endlessly browsing through texts or sifting through emails in search of a lost thread. Your entire communication path is in one location.


No matter which platforms you like, Nextiva can be a lifesaver for remote teams that use a variety of communication methods to interact.



What are some effective strategies for fostering customer loyalty? delivering fast and tailored assistance. Kayako, a support ticketing application, can assist you in doing this and even offers a live chat experience with a person when you’re not online.


In contrast to other systems of a similar nature, Kayako combines all of your support channels—including live chat, social media, and email—into a single team dashboard. Even your staff have access to an internal helpdesk, which makes everyone’s job simpler and their production more efficient.



Sticky notes, notepads, and bits of paper should be put away. Keep all of your team’s shared to-do lists in Workflowy instead so that everyone can organize and cross off activities at once. If you’re concerned that this will result in a lengthy, disorganized list, reconsider.


A few well chosen formatting options make it simple to distinguish between lists of various topics so they can be discovered quickly. The #tags functionality, which facilitates simple and organized list collaboration with other team members, can be compared in this regard. Although it’s a simple program, it’s one of the most effective collaboration tools you might have.



All members of the marketing team must have access to information regarding which influencers are promoting the most successful campaigns and which ones are not performing as expected if you utilize influencer marketing. Everyone may now track this data and take on the responsibility of managing influencers thanks to Traackr. Additionally, it makes it simpler for managers to check in at any time and monitor performance.


Additionally, you may use this tool to identify the most effective influencers and assess their capabilities in light of your team’s decision-making standards such as budget, performance, and results.


Choose the best tools for your team’s productivity

The best tools are those that your team will actually utilize to address major issues. If you, as a leader, attempt to introduce pointless or unpopular tools, you run the risk of upsetting established procedures and decreasing productivity. Look for the tools your team needs and present them gradually, giving everyone a chance to integrate and offer input. You can concentrate on managing the team and hitting deadlines when everyone is working effectively and cooperatively.