YouTube: Beginners Guide

YouTube: Beginners Guide

YouTube is a free video-sharing website and the second largest search engine behind Google Search.
All you need is a Google account to create a YouTube account so that you can watch videos or create your own content.
YouTube is a video platform driven by two types:

Video makers: People who haveChannelsUpload videos to these channels.
Video viewers: Viewers who interact with videos and subscribe to channels.
You can be both creator and viewer. You can upload videos to your channel, and YouTube will allow you to view other people’s videos.

YouTube: Who uses it?

YouTube is open to anyone with an internet connection and a computer, mobile device or smartphone. Anyone can view YouTube content and also share their own videos. YouTube is available to everyone, regardless of whether you are a creative individual or the CEO for an organization with a large budget.

YouTube’s user base is diverse and includes everyone from young people to older people. YouTube is especially popular with younger viewers who enjoy the variety of content and interactive components of YouTube video content. They also prefer the instant gratification of YouTube videos over traditional TV. It is used by many people for entertainment, learning how to do things (tutorials), and keeping up with the latest music videos of their favorite artists.

YouTube is available in almost every country, and more than fifty languages. YouTube is owned by Google. To create a YouTube account, you will need a Google account.

Start watching videos on YouTube

YouTube videos can be viewed in many different ways. These are just a few of the many ways you can watch YouTube videos.

Navigating to, searching for a video or watching a suggestion video.

  • You can download the YouTube mobile app on Android or iOS and watch a suggested video, or search for one.
  • You can watch a YouTube video embedded in a post on a social networking site (such as Facebook or Twitter).
  • You can watch a YouTube video embedded in a blog post or web page.
  • You can watch a YouTube video when you click a link that has been shared via email, text message or social media.
  • You will need to create a YouTube account, or link an existing global Google account to the new YouTube account. This will allow you to receive personalized video suggestions, comment on videos, create playlists and subscribe channels.

Why you should create a YouTube account

Even if you don’t plan to use it to create your own YouTube channel, there are many benefits to having a YouTube account. You can:

  • Based on your viewing history, get personalized recommendations for videos to view on the homepage.
  • Subscribe to your favorite channels, so you can find the latest videos easily.
  • You will receive notifications when channels upload new videos.
  • You can support your favourite creators by commenting and liking their videos.
  • Keep track of all your video viewing history.
  • You can save videos for later viewing.
  • You can create your own playlists of video.
  • You can customize your user settings to enable notifications, privacy, playback, privacy, and connected apps.
  • You can find videos to watch on YouTube
  • YouTube offers many ways to find the videos you are looking for. YouTube allows you to:

Enter a keyword or phrase to search for videos.

  • You can find videos on topics and in categories.
  • Filter results by popularity and date.
  • Visit the trending topics tab.
  • View the charts rankings for music videos.
  • View or subscribe to the Popular on YouTube channel.
  • To see similar videos, check out the Up Next videos at the bottom (web) and side (app) of each video page.
  • YouTube Videos: Interact with them

You’ll find several options below the video player if you find a video you like. You can:

  • You can give the video either a thumbs-up or down, depending on how you feel about it.
  • Leave a comment
  • Comment by another user.
  • Comment on another user’s blog.
  • Share YouTube Videos

There are many ways to share a video that you like. You can share videos via email, as well as the most popular social networks.

Save Videos you Want to Watch Later

Since there’s such a wealth of content on YouTube, the platform makes it easy to save videos you want to watch another time to your Watch Later list or a playlist you created.

Click the button to add a video as a Watch Later item.SaveClick the button, then select the playlist to which you wish to add the video. You can also create a new playlist.

Subscribe to YouTube Channels

Subscribe to the account of another user to keep in touch with them. You will be notified whenever they upload anything. It is as easy as clicking on theSubscribeClick the button at the video information page.

This is a great way for you to save videos so that you can return to them whenever you want.

You can find links to the individual channels in the following link.Subscribe to our NewsletterYou can find the section labeled “YouTube Homepage” in the left vertical menu. GetFans Youtube Views has a huge impact on your channel.

Upload your videos to YouTube

Do you feel like sharing your home videos to the world? You’re in good company.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people upload videos to YouTube. YouTube has done everything to ensure that uploading is easy.

Selecting the right option is all that’s requiredCreatFind the video you want to upload, and fill in the appropriate fields (topic, keywords or description).

It can take anywhere between a few seconds and several minutes depending on how large the video is and how fast your internet connection.